My name is Carrie. I’m a recovering rule-follower, a life-long United Methodist flirting with the Episcopal Church, and I usually have the loudest laugh in the room.

I love good books, strong coffee, road trips, knitting, and the Kansas City Royals.

I’m a typical twenty-something liberal arts major, with degrees in English and Religious Studies from the University of Texas.  I spent a year living out of a backpack, and saw a good bit of this wide world. Now I’m a Texas girl living in Seattle, interning with the Episcopal Service Corps.


My favorite part of Christianity is communion. It’s the thing that keeps me coming back when I’m weary and doubtful. When I take communion, I think of the table at a wedding that’s the center of attention, the one with too many chairs squeezed around it and kids running underfoot and too-loud laughter. The table that always has room for more.

Communion is an act of radical love, a physical representation of the intimate, wild love the Lord has for us. Jesus invites us to the table, the one that always has room for more.

This blog is where I write about communion, rebellion, joy, liturgy, and grace- always grace. Because at the center of the rebel table is a holy feast, that tastes like yeast and bittersweet wine, and says “here there is room for you.” This blog is the ever-growing story of grace lost and found. Welcome to the rebel table.


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