“The words you speak become the house you live in.” -Hafiz

Hey y’all! My name is Carrie. I’m a recovering rule-follower, a life-long United Methodist whose now pseudo-Episcopalian, and I usually have the loudest laugh in the room.

I love good books, strong coffee, road trips, knitting, and the Kansas City Royals.

I’m a typical twenty-something liberal arts major, with degrees in English and Religious Studies from the University of Texas.  I spent a year living out of a backpack, where I saw a good bit of this wide world and only picked up one parasite along the way. Now I’m a Texas girl living in Seattle, interning with the Episcopal Service Corps.


“I would always rather be happy than dignified.” -Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

My favorite part of Christianity is communion. It’s the thing that keeps me coming back when I’m weary and doubtful. When I take communion, I think of the table at a wedding that’s the center of attention, the one with too many chairs squeezed around it and kids running underfoot and too-loud laughter. The table that always has room for more.

Communion is an act of radical love, a physical representation of the intimate, wild love the Lord has for us. Jesus invites us to the table, the one that always has room for more.

This blog is where I write about communion, rebellion, joy, anxiety, books, liturgy, queerness, and grace- always grace. Because at the center of the rebel table is a holy feast, that tastes like yeast and bittersweet wine, and says “here there is room for you.”




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  1. Thank you for the open letter. As a recovering Baptist/grateful Episcopalian, my favorite part about being a Christian is communion too. And my favorite part about being an Episcopalian is that the focus of our liturgy is sharing the bread and wine at the Lord’s Table.

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  2. Thank you for writing your open letter. I hope you will try MCC- Metropolitan Community Church. We have a open table for ALL. You might enjoy reading
    Rev.Dr. Nancy Wilson’s books ” Outing the Bible” and “Outing the Church”


  3. Re: the open letter to your parents’ pastor.
    As a UM pastor of 19 years about to preach my first sermon with a new congregation, bless you. Thanks for the support you aren’t even aware you have offered me.

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  4. This is a terrible story. I can’t believe this hateful minister. I’m a lifelong Methodist, so it’s hard to think of changing, but I think about it a lot. Good for your terrific parents, and good for you. I hope your parents can find a Reconciling Methodist Church to attend. Look up Reconciling Ministries Network.

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  5. I read your post about AUMC. it saddens me.
    But I’m intrigued by the name of your blog — The Rebel Table. It reminds me of a thought I once heard in a sermon. The opposite of a wall is a table. No clue who said it. I’ve been fortunate to worship with several wonderful pastor/preachers in my lifetime.

    In this day of walking in and walling out, I hold the need of more tables very dear. I pray that you are able to serve many at your rebellious table.

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  6. Thank you for taking the time to write to your parents’ pastor. As a pastor I needed to hear them and as a father I was proud to read them.
    Your courage and that of your parents will be a gift to any church you should choose to call home. Grace and Peace.

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