Help Me Get to the Holy Land!

HEY Y’ALL, I have this crazy opportunity.

People who know me well might remember the year of college when I studied Hebrew (read: Biblical Hebrew consumed my every waking thought and hour). Since learning Hebrew and becoming more aware of justice issues surrounding the Holy Land, I’ve wanted to be able to experience it for myself.

I’m so excited that I have the opportunity to go on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia! From November 24th to December 5th, I’ll be traveling with a group from the diocese that includes the priest from my church and the bishop of the diocese.

We’re going during Advent, the time in the church to prepare the way for Jesus, and we’ll be visiting the significant places in Jesus’s life, from Bethlehem to Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee. I’ll also get to tour the St. Vincent Creche/Orphanage, which is offering Christian love and compassion to over forty abandoned babies and small children. It is the only facility of its kind in the West Bank.

But the only way I’ll be able to experience the Holy Land- from the Dead Sea to the Western (Wailing) Wall- is with your help.

This September, I’m entering my second year as a youth minister at an Episcopal church. I also started grad school this fall. As part of the Episcopal Service Corps, I made a commitment to living in community and intentional simplicity. This means I simply don’t have the budget to pay for transatlantic flights, room and board, and transportation in the Holy Land.

Your support would mean the world to me. It is an investment in not only my faith but my ministry, because this pilgrimage will not only affect me. I truly believe that God works in powerful and mysterious ways, and I hope that this pilgrimage to the Holy Land will inform how I continue in my youth ministry, how I interact with my community, and how I write about my faith.

I will be forever grateful for your love and support. I will pray for you by name every day until the end of the trip, and I will hold you in my prayers long after that. In Hebrew, “shalom” means not just peace, but a deep flourishing. I will be praying that you flourish.

Check out my gofundme to support my trip to the Holy Land! 


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